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Do You Have What It Takes Scholarship Campaign Kickoff June 5

Do you have what it takes to become a future leader of the Philippines? These posters will be placed at the Narvacan National Central High School on June 5.

We’re excited to announce the kickoff of the our “Do You Have What It Takes” scholarship campaign, which will begin June 5 in TLC’s hometown of Narvacan, at Narvacan National Central High School.

TLC is offering at least three scholarship awards for NNCHS juniors or seniors, each award model dependent on certain criteria.

The campaign seeks to identify future leaders of the Philippines and award them with a TLC Scholarship.

NNCHS students can begin the application process on our website now.

Students interested in applying should be able to demonstrate through their writing and resume: leadership qualities, academic merit, strong ethical and moral judgement, and a commitment to public service.

Roberto Cachola Corrales, TLC Vice President

TLC Vice President, Roberto Corrales, will be hand delivering the scholarship campaign posters to the NNCHS principal on June 5th, where he will explain more about the objectives of TLC.

About TLC

TLC President, Salvador Cachola

Our unique college scholarship award model is offered to low-income high school students in rural areas of the Philippines, so that they can complete their college or vocational education. We take a variety of socioeconomic factors into account, going beyond financial need of the applicant, and rewarding characteristics such as integrity, leadership, compassion, academic merit, and public service. In our scholars, we are looking for the next generation of Filipino leaders, who will be strong academically, ethically and socially. All of which pays tribute to Timoteo and Luisa Cachola, our honorable parents and inspiration behind the TLC Scholarship Fund.

Along with awarding scholarships to deserving students, TLC also helps fund the construction of modest school buildings in rural areas of the country, especially in the province of Ilocos Sur, where many of our scholars originate. We give money to schools that are underfunded by the Philippine government, to help with expansion projects on existing structures, or for entirely new school structures.

As well, TLC is involved in public health projects. We are partners with the Breast Cancer Imperative, which provides critical early detection cancer screening for indigent women in Northern Luzon, using an innovative mobile clinic called the Mammovan.

Where is Narvacan?

Narvacan is a small town in the province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines, with approximately 44,000 residents. Situated near the western coastline of the island of Luzon, Narvacan is located in a valley surrounded by mountains. A fertile region with a cool tropical climate, the principal crops of Narvacan are corn, cotton, indigo, rice, sugarcane and tobacco. (Source: Wikipedia)