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With Provincial Fiscal Bello, Mrs. Luisa Cachola (2nd row from back, 5th from left) and Lt. Gov. Manoling Villanueva.

To honor their legacy, the children of Timoteo and Luisa Cachola (hence our name, TLC) organized a foundation dedicated to helping and encouraging high school students from rural areas complete their college and vocational education, in the same way that members of the Cachola family went to college: through mutual cooperation and social support.

In 2003, TLC funded the construction of a modest school building and, today, continues to fund other capital projects needed by provincial high schools that are mostly underfunded by the Philippine government.

Beyond that, the long term strategy of the Timoteo & Luisa Cachola Scholarship Fund is to invest in the college education of Filipino students by providing grants to low-income students and no-interest educational loans to other deserving students.

About Timoteo and Luisa Cachola

Mayor Timoteo Cachola (2nd from right) with Pres. Ramon Magsaysay, Vice-Gov. Manoling Villanueva and Provincial Fiscal Bello.

Timoteo Bersamina Cachola and Luisa Corrales Cachola, were among the first Filipinos to be educated under the American educational system installed by the United States after Spain ceded the Philippine Islands after the defeat of Spain in the Spanish-American war of 1898.

Timoteo went on to a career as a prominent educator during the American occupation of the Philippines.

Timoteo and Luisa, recognizing the importance and social benefits of a college education, on a school principal’s salary, supplemented by older family members contributing to their younger siblings’ college education, were able to send their 11 children to college.

Three became nurses, three became teachers, one became a rural physician, one became a CPA and businessman, one became an engineer and another, a lawyer. One, while not graduating from college, went on to a career as a provincial public works manager.

About the TLC Fund

The TLC Scholarship Fund Inc. is a non-profit US corporation (Sec. 501(c)(3)). It provides financial grants to students enrolled in Philippine post-secondary programs in Philippine institutions.

  • Incorporated in the state of Montana, USA September 29. 1999
  • Granted tax exempt status as a non-profit corporation by the IRS under Letter 1050 as of April 1, 2000.
  • Granted tax exempt status as a non-profit corporation by the IRS under Letter 1050 as of April 1, 2000.