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When finished, this will be used as a science building (complete with labs) at the Narvacan National Central High School. The total cost is PhP259,700 or roughly USD5,000. The building is on the grounds of the school, so it benefits all students.

Thank you to all the donors who made this possible.

Project Photos:


TLC Building dedication speech (2003)

2003 school building ceremony

“Today indeed is a verv significant day for our family because we are turning over a commemorative edifice in honor of the grand stewards of the Cachola Clan, my father the late former mayor Timoteo and Luisa Cachola.

This building which construction Nas funded by the Timoteo and Luisa Scholarship Funds now stands as a legacy of our parents to the education of our youths in Narvacan

Our family could have no better school to offer this building of love than the Narvacan National Central High School.

While we had our early education at the Ilocos Junior College which is now the Narvacan Catholic School, still we believe that the Narvacan National Central High School can very well live up to missions and vision of the Timoteo and Luisa Scholarship Funds.

The finished product!

And so today, with much pleasure, and on behalf of the Cachola family, I now turn-over this building to the Narvacan National central High School.”








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